Surveys reveal the relevance, quality and effectiveness of the workshop. Not only does it score an extraordinairy NPS of 80, also over 70% of the participant rate the training with a nine or even a perfect 10. The lowest score still is a 7.

On the impact of the workshop, the delegates judge it to be on average 4.3 out of 5 on several elements. A vast majority indicated having learned new things, having improved their moderation skills significantly and having been able to implement the learnings. Overall participants feel, they are better moderators than they were.

The quality and passion of trainers Jan-Jaap In der Maur and Kim Coppes proves to be an important ingredient in the effectiveness of the training. No less than 64% gave Kim and Jan-Jaap a perfect 5 out of 5, leaving 36% not any lower than 4 out of 5.

People come in from all over the world to participate: United States, Norway, Slovakia, England, Spain, Poland, Macedonia, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, South Africa, Belgium, Holland, Germany.

  • Peter Wrigglesworth, Every Sense Meeting Design

    It was personal, participative and fun! I found it to be effective, memorable and good value for money. There’s so many skills learnt you can apply right away

  • Martijn Winkler, Dutch Directors Guild

    I would do the same workshop again, in a heartbeat. It improved my moderation skills, but also changed me in my personal and professional life. A profound experience

  • Samme Allen, Sequoia Partnership & MPI

    It was completely interactive: real skills learnt in real time! Training courses often have a positive impact at the time and then the skills are not used or forgotten. This course is still resonating with me and I’m using skills learnt every day

  • Susanne Altenberg, Head of Unit European Parliament

    It was very special. I never learned so much in two days

  • Sofia Liasi, Mediq International HR Project Manager

    It was a great pleasure to learn with and from Jan-Jaap and Kim and all the rest of the co-participants. One of the best courses I have attended! I loved everything: structure, length, practice, location!

  • Inge Buijs

    The teachers were not teaching. They were helping!

  • Dorthe Nielsen, EuroCities

    Based on my experience of a lot of other training courses: none were as engaging, effective and fun. And it was a great team building exercise as well!

  • Elling Hamso, Event ROI Institute

    I used to think I was a pretty good moderator, now I know all the things I didn't know. Kim and Jan-Jaap had solutions for every situation a moderator has to face. Simply an excellent course!

Masters in Moderation Kim Coppes