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Mastering Moderation

Moderation is a professional skill you acquire through experience. It’s all about interaction, interviewing, group dynamics, and leading discussions and processes. The best way to learn it is through plenty of practice and by watching the experts.

In a two-day training course with lots of individual attention, you will be trained by two seasoned professionals and you’ll practise every aspect of the profession under their supervision. Because that’s exactly what it is: a profession!

Surveys show that participants highly value relevance, quality and effectiveness of both workshop and trained. They rate ‘Mastering Moderation’with a NetPromoterScore of 80!

What are we going to do?

Practise, practise, practise. We believe that the only way to master moderation is by doing.
During two intensive days we will cover all the basic skills of the profession.

How to structure a meeting? How to keep things moving and still go into depth?

How to design a programme that helps achieve the objective of the day? How to define your role in it, being the moderator?

How do you generate interaction? You’ll gain experience of techniques and tricks that help participants really get talking to each other.

How do you stand and what aura do you exude? You want to feel confident and move smoothly around the room.

Whether you’re questioning one person or in conversation with a panel, a podium interview is a discipline in itself.

How do you write good presentations? You’ll learn how to make content-driven choices, how to choose the right tone.

What will you get out of it?

In this fast-paced workshop you’ll get tips and immediate feedback from not one, but two seasoned professionals, who’ll be keen to share their knowledge and experience with you. In a select group you’ll gain a wealth of experience. Since there’ll be no more than 12 people in the group, every participant will get plenty of individual attention. By the end of the course you’ll have found out what the profession involves and how capable at it you are, and you’ll have taken a major leap forward.
This workshop is suitable for people who:

  • … Have some basic experience in moderating and want to take it to the next level;
  • … Are in a management-position and have to facilitate internal meetings;
  • … Work for local or national government and have to chair public meetings;
  • … Are event-professionals or are used to being on stage in other roles (speaker, entertainer, etc) and want to expand their offer to the market;
  • … Work in PR, communications or advertising, with responsibility for client events, which      they want present themselves
  • … Have agreed without thinking it through to moderate a future event and are now terrified by the prospect
  • … Want to find out how well develloped their skills and talent for this profession are; and who want to build on that.

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About Jan-Jaap In der Maur

Jan-JaapJan-Jaap In der Maur is a meeting-moderator & -facilitator and owner/founder of Masters in Moderation.com, as well as keynote-/expert-speaker on the subject of interaction & moderation.

Kim says about him:

Jan-Jaap considers the interview to be his main skill, the question to be his most important instrument: the (human) interest question, the awkward question, the stimulating one, the journalist one, critical or light-hearted.
He will help choose from a wide range of interview/interaction formats, always finding the right tone of voice.

Jan-Jaap gets people to think and reconsider, convinced as he is that only challenging the status quo will bring new perspectives and new insights. Be it sharing of knowledge, finding solutions to a problem or getting people to understand each other, he will always focus on content and interaction.

About Kim Coppes

KimKim Coppes is a moderator-facilitator, conference host, drama workshop leader, interviewer, presenter at 7ditches.tv and coach in communication.

Jan-Jaap says about her:

As a moderator she’s as sharp as she’s disarming. Kim’s skills can be mobilised in a wide range of contexts: her personality makes her able to truly connect with any group. She works in a way that’s relaxed, alert and humorous all at the same time.
With her broad interests, there’s virtually no subject she can’t tackle. And her substantial experience makes her suitable for practically any concept, be it in a huge conference hall or a small management setting, from a serious debate to a lively awards show.

  • Peter Wrigglesworth, Every Sense Meeting Design

    It was personal, participative and fun! I found it to be effective, memorable and good value for money. There’s so many skills learnt you can apply right away

  • Martijn Winkler, Dutch Directors Guild

    I would do the same workshop again, in a heartbeat. It improved my moderation skills, but also changed me in my personal and professional life. A profound experience

  • Samme Allen, Sequoia Partnership & MPI

    It was completely interactive: real skills learnt in real time! Training courses often have a positive impact at the time and then the skills are not used or forgotten. This course is still resonating with me and I’m using skills learnt every day

Masters in Moderation Kim Coppes